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Document Type: 
Rule/Regulation, Other
Economic Sector: 
Energy Types: 
Oil, Gas
Issued by: 
Department of Energy
Overall Summary: 
A Department Circular providing for the Rules and Regulations governing the Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) Industry.
Energy management principles: 
No person shall engage in any Industry Activity without a valid Standards Compliance Certificate (SCC).
Energy institutional structures: 
The DOE, through the Oil Industry Management Bureau (OIMB), shall issue Standards Compliance Certificate (SCC) upon the complete submission of and full compliance with the requirements provided in Section 6 of this Circular. The OIMB shall have the authority to verify, validate, authenticate and inspect all documents and information required from, given by or obtained from such person for compliance with applicable laws, rules and regulations. A provisional SCC may be issued to a new LPG Industry Participant solely for the purpose of obtaining a mayor's/business permit: Provided, That and authenticated copy of the mayor's/business permit is submitted to the OIMB within 30 days from the issuance of the provisional SCC; otherwise, the latter shall be deemed automatically revoked.