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Федеральный закон от 01.12.2007 № 317 "О государственной корпорации по атомной энергии "Росатом"(в ред. от 02.07.2021 г.)
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Energy, Power
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Power, Nuclear
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State Duma - Lower House of the Federal Assembly, Federation Council - Upper House of the Federal Assembly
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The federal entity ‘Rosatom State Nuclear Corporation’ is founded in pursuance of Art. IV, Federal Law №170 of 21 November 1995 “On the Use of Nuclear Energy”. The present policy envisages establishing a nuclear government corporation with a range of economic and policy functions and with jurisdiction over nuclear energy production, nuclear security, development and disposal of nuclear weapons. Under this framework, the state corporation carries out the following responsibilities: 1) develop national regulatory infrastructure and implement Russia’s nuclear security policy, 2) promote and reinforce the safety and security of radioactive sources; 3) control proliferation of nuclear weapons and implement activities with respect to state defense order (military-type nuclear installations); 4) strengthen national capacities for technological advancement of the nuclear sector. --- The Corporation – within the scope of its authority – ensures that Russia’s obligations arising from international nuclear treaties are fulfilled. In compliance with the Federal Law № 101 “On International Treaties of the Russian Federation”, the Corporation concludes international treaties on cross-sectoral issues (Art. 14).
Energy environmental priorities: 
Art. 7. In response to existing environmental challenges, the federal entity will strengthen national environmental monitoring capacities through implementation of targeted programs on radiation safety, nuclear waste management and restoration of radioactively contaminated sites.
Clean energy technology priorities: 
The policy seeks to accelerate and enlarge the contribution of clean nuclear power to energy sector sustainability in the Russian Federation.
R&D renewable energy: 
Art. 15 stipulates that the Coproration is responsible for carrying our nuclear scientific research activities, moreover, it develops and pursues policies for accelerated deployment of advanced nuclear technologies.