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Ministry of the Environment Government of Japan
Overall Summary: 
The Basic Environment Law aims to comprehensively and systematically promote policies for environmental conservation to ensure healthy and cultured living for both the present and future generations of the nation. It articulates basic principles, clarifying the responsibilities of the State, local governments, corporations and citizens, and prescribing the basic policy considerations for environmental conservation.
Pollution control action plans: 
The measures to prevent air pollution, water pollution and soil contamination caused by radioactive substances shall be implemented under the Atomic Energy Basic Law (Law No.186 of 1955) and other related legislation. ---The Government shall take the following regulatory measures to prevent interference with environmental conservation. (1) Regulatory measures necessary to prevent environmental pollution, inter alia, by setting the Standards with which corporations must comply regarding such activities as emission of substances causing air pollution, water pollution, soil contamination or offensive odors; generation of noise or vibration; and the taking of underground water causing ground subsidence. (2) Regulatory measures necessary to prevent environmental pollution with regard to land use and construction of facilities causing pollution in an area where the pollution is serious or is likely to become serious
Green finance: 
Economic Measures to Prevent Interference with Environmental Conservation: In order to encourage persons who are conducting the activities generating or causing to generate environmental load (referred to as the "load activities" in this Article) to take appropriate measures [...] the State shall make efforts to take necessary measures to provide necessary and appropriate economic assistance to those persons taking into consideration their economic situation.
Cooperation in env.: 
Global environmental conservation shall be actively promoted in cooperation with other countries, utilizing Japan's capacities and resources, and in accordance with Japan's standing in the international community, in consideration of the fact that global environmental conservation is a common concern of mankind as well as a requirement in ensuring healthy and cultured living of the people into the future, and that the Japanese economy and society is closely interdependent with the international community.