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Overarching Policy
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All, Oil, Power
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Ministry of Industry
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Overall Summary: 
The Industrial Policy is aligned with the objective of achieving long-term economic development and with the vision to establish a peaceful and modern developed new democratic nation. This will be supported also through the development of the industrial sector to achieve the vision "to establish a new modem industrial nation". The policies focusing on the development of the following main areas: (a) electricity power; (b) petroleum and natural gas; (oil and gas) (c) manufacturing; (d) mining; (e) hotel and tourism; (t) livestock and fisheries; (g) transport and communication; (h) industrial zone. In particular, the industrial sector will be fundamental for the improvement of the country's GDP, which is expected to increase by 7 to 9% yearly.
Energy access action plan: 
The mechanized agriculture, agricultural product industries shall be encouraged specially for reducing of poverty and improving the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) as follows: [...] coordinating to obtain the electric power and energy in the rural areas;
Energy Supply and Infrastructure
Regional integration priorities: 
Building Regional Economic Linkages: The following industries[...] should be carried out by building regional economic linkages [...]: Mineral based Industries (1) Cambodia - Hydro-power industry; (2) Laos - Hydro-power industry, LNG and mining industry; (3) Myanmar - [...] LNG and mining industry, energy, [...]; ( 4) Thailand -[...]electronic devices and automobile parts industry;---Basic requirements for the entry of foreign investment It is to carry out the fulfillments of the following basic requirements in priority in order to emerge Myanmar as an attractive place for foreign investment in ASEAN region and the issues concerned with tax exemptions [...] To cooperate and coordinate in order to support energy sector which will be necessary along with the development of industrial sector; shall be conducted as per existing foreign investment law
Cooperation in connectivity: 
Industries shall be connected and carried out according to the Region and State depending on the following economic corridors for Global Integration. In doing so, participation of rural areas, acquisition of large market, cooperation and relevant consequences are the benefits for enabling to expand local and international goods, reciprocally. [...] Northeast-Southwest Economic Corridor (KyaukphyuMagwe- Meiktila-Mandalay-Pyin Oo Lwin-Lashio-Muse) There is natural gas pipe-line connected to Kyaukphyu and China. [...]
Investment climate development: 
Implementation of heavy industries and technical intensive industries by attracting local and foreign investment;---Creation of a suitable environment for supporting financial assistance to the local industrial enterprise;
Public Private Partnerships: 
Inviting the local and international investors to perform joint cooperation tasks on potential State-Owned Enterprises toward the development of private industrial sector(PPP);
Energy management principles: 
To increase the involvement of the industrial sector (energy, mining, manufacturing and processing, power and construction) to GDP from 33% (2013-2014) to 37% ( 2030-2031) by the fiscal year of 2030-2031.
Industrialization support: 
Upgrading the existing industrial zones and provision of infrastructure development.