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Document Type: 
Overarching Policy
Economic Sector: 
Energy, Power, Multi-Sector
Energy Types: 
All, Power, Renewable
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Department of Economic and Sector Planning Ministry of Finance and Economic Management
Overall Summary: 
The goal of the present Government is to raise the welfare of the people of Vanuatu. The Government believes that the goal will be achieved through the following strategies. Firstly through achieving higher and sustainable economic growth to create jobs and raise incomes while conserving resources for future generations. Secondly, by ensuring macroeconomic stability to create a stable investment climate. And thirdly, by raising standards of service delivery particularly to the rural and outer regions to improve access to basic health and primary education services while lowering costs of internal trade.
Energy access priorities: 
Extend the coverage of rural electrification by the most cost efficient means; ---Promote the use of renewable energy, especially where these can be used effectively in remote locations;
Energy access action plan: 
Potential alternative power and energy sources need to be examined, efficiencies maximised, costs minimised and prices set competitively, commensurate with providing satisfactory standards of service to all islands, [...].
Renewable Energy
RE priorities: 
Promote the use of bio-fuels and other alternative energy sources where economically feasible.---Promote the use of renewable energy, especially where these can be used effectively in remote locations;
Energy pricing: 
Reduce the cost of services, particularly of electricity [...];
Energy sector investment priorities: 
Power, water and telecommunications: [...] Improve the regulatory framework to more effectively enforce contract conditions, and encourage additional competition in these sectors where possible.
Investment climate development: 
Ensure the provision of commercial, quality, efficient, and competitively priced infrastructure, utilities and services, either through public enterprises or through private sector partnerships and competition; Encourage the development of competitive private sector involvement in the provision of utilities and services;
M&E of policy implementation: 
Performance of the sector in meeting its objectives and delivering on the priorities will be measured through: Land transport: [...]bio-fuel use; [...] Power: average price measure; power consumption; access of population to electricity.