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Energy, Power, Industry, Transport
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All, Coal, Oil, Power, Gas, Nuclear, Renewable, Bioenergy, Solar, Wind
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State Council of China
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During the 13th Five-Year Plan period, the strategic emerging industries should be placed in a more prominent position of economic and social development, as to vigorously build a new system of modern industry, to promote sustainable and healthy economic and social development. Therefore, the policy outlines the strategic emerging industries, their development direction and specific actions, etc.
Energy Service Companies (ESCOs): 
[...]promote comprehensive energy conservation, improve energy efficient equipment technology and energy-saving application production capacity, promote energy-saving technology system and application demonstration projects to support energy-saving services industry, promote the rapid development of energy efficient industries. By 2020, the production values of energy-saving industry will reach 3 trillion yuan.
EE public awareness/promotional programmes: 
[...]encourage green consumption, promote green products[...]
Renewable Energy
RE targets: 
By 2020, installed wind power capacity will be more than 210 million kilowatts. ---By 2020, the installed solar power capacity will be more than 110 million kilowatts[...] Among which, the distributed photovoltaic power generation, photovoltaic power plants, solar thermal power plants will respectively reach 60 million kilowatts, 45 million kilowatts and 5 million kilowatts.
RE feed-in tariffs: 
By 2020, [...] wind power feed-in tariffs will be equivalent to the coal electricity price [...]
Green finance: 
[...]Set up a green financing platform to promote the issuance of green bonds and to support energy-saving services company financing
Energy Supply and Infrastructure
Energy mix: 
By 2020, nuclear power, wind power, solar energy, biomass and other energy consumption will account for more than 8% of the total proportion, the new energy product values will be more than 1.5 trillion yuan, and build the world's leading new energy industry. ---[...]By 2020, the installed nuclear power capacity will reach 58 million kilowatts, the scale of construction of nuclear power station will reach 30 million kilowatts[...].
Infrastructure development priorities: 
In the urban areas, give priority to the construction of charging station and other infrastructures for public service, and actively promote the construction of charging piles in residential areas, etc. Improve the standards for charging facilities[...]. ---[...] combine the integration of the new energy into the power, heating planning and the new round national reform of the distribution grid network upgrading, to promote the "energy - grid network - utilisation" comprehensively coordinated development[...]
Statistics collection and management: 
[...] to promote the application of Internet, cloud computing, Internet of things(IoT) and other technologies in the field of [...]energy[...] ---Develop the big data forecasting for energy production, scheduling and operation and maintenance technology, establish public service network for energy production monitoring, management and scheduling.[...]
Clean energy technology priorities: 
Speed up the development of advanced nuclear power, high efficient solar power, large-scale wind power, efficient energy storage, distributed energy, etc., accelerate the power system and mechanism construction for new energy development, promote complementary and collaborative optimization, leading the energy production and consumption revolution.
Clean energy technology deployment: 
[...] combine the integration of the new energy into the power, heating planning and the new round national reform of the distribution grid network upgrading, to promote the "energy - grid network - utilisation" comprehensively coordinated development[...] ---Vigorously develop smart grid technology, develop the peak shaving capacity of the system, significantly enhance wind power integration into the grid and wind power consumption. Speed up the technology development for high-tower long leaves, intelligent leaves, decentralized and offshore wind power technology, focusing on the development of the 5 MW wind turbine, smart wind farm development and operation and maintenance, offshore wind farm construction, etc. ---[...]Accelerate the development of integrated energy storage and micro-network application of distributed energy, and vigorously promote the multi-complementary integrated optimization demonstration project construction.
R&D renewable energy: 
Focus on the development of new generation of biomass liquid and gas fuel develop the high-performance biomass energy conversion system solutions to expand the application of bio-energy, achieve the full scale application in the field of gas supply, heating, fuel etc., improve the bio-energy technology and core equipment fabrication technology [...]. ---Actively promote the comprehensive utilization of various forms of new energy.[...]
R&D energy efficiency: 
Promote green biological technology in the field of[...]energy and others, and significantly reduce energy consumption and pollutant emissions. ---[...]carry out research and development of electric energy application technology of electric vehicle power system, and implement the demonstration projects of the distributed new energy application and electric vehicle to promote the coordinated development of electric vehicle and smart grid, new energy, energy storage etc.[...]
Industrialization support: 
Promote the industrialization of advanced biological liquid fuels. [...] promote research and industrialization of biodiesel, bio-aviation fuel and other technologies. ---[...]promote energy efficient, environmentally-friendly and resource-recycling industry system development, promote new energy vehicles, new energy and low carbon industries, by 2020, the output value will be more than 10 trillion yuan. ---Promote the development of solar energy diversification[...] to promote the efficient and low-cost of solar energy utilization of new technologies and new materials industry [...]