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Overarching Policy, Other
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Energy, Multi-Sector
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Government of the Macau Special Administrative Region
Overall Summary: 
The Policy Address for 2004 summarizes the achievements of the 2003 Government's work in terms of economic and social development, including infrastructure achievements and administrative reforms. In 2004 the Government will continue boosting economic development, investment opportunities and regional cooperation. In addition to this, specific mention is made to the improvement of energy supply in order to support economic development.
Energy Supply and Infrastructure
Energy supply priorities: 
[W]e will ensure that energy supplies keep pace with the demands of our economic development, with due respect to the spirit of the current franchise contract. [...].
Investment climate development: 
While strictly enforcing relevant laws and regulations, the MSAR Government will promote the steady development of this new service industry through more effective investment incentives and follow-up services, as well as tax benefits.---To promote a balance between the highest rates of Corporate Income Tax and Personal Income Tax, and to attract further investments, the Government will, during the first half of the coming year, propose to the Legislative Assembly that the Corporate Income Tax Regulations be revised, and that the highest corporate tax rate be lowered appropriately.