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President of the Republic of Indonesia
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The Presidential Regulation No. 4/2016 on Acceleration of Power Infrastructure Development sets priorities to accelerate the development of power projects in Indonesia. The Regulation, particularly, introduces: 1. a new government guarantee for development of power projects under Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), which would cover both projects developed by the State-owned utility company, PLN, and those projects developed by PLN in cooperation with independent power producers (IPPs) or their subsidiaries; and 2. a shorter time period to obtain necessary permits for development of power generation projects.
Energy sector investment priorities: 
Article 19. (1). PT PLN (Persero), subsidiaries PT PLN (Persero), or PPL filed a settlement of the licensing and non-Licensing is required to start the implementation of the PIK one-stop services in the Capital investment Coordinating board. (2) licensing and non-Licensing as referred to in paragraph ( 1) that is required to start the implementation of the PIK one-stop services Center, namely: a. business license the provision of electric power; b. determination of the location; c. environmental permit; d. permit the pin h to use the forest; and/ or e. building permit.
Financial incentives for energy infrastructure: 
Article 7. In the framework of the implementation of the loan by PT PLN (Persero) as referred to in Article 6 paragraph (1 ) letter c, the Central Government provides a Government guarantee against payment obligations of PT PLN (Persero). --- Article 10. --- (5) To request a Government guarantee as referred to in paragraph (3), the minister who held government affairs in the field of state finance give approval in principle within a period of 25 (twenty five) working days since application is received and declared complete.