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Overarching Policy, Guideline, Other
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Department of Energy
Overall Summary: 
The full title of the document "Department Circular No. 2012-11-0010 Providing for Additional Guidelines and Implementing Policies for Retail Competition and Open Access and Amending Department Circular No. (DC) 2012-05-0005 Entitled "Prescribing the General Policies for the Implementation of the Retail Competition and Open Access"". The Circular aims at (a) ensuring smooth transition to the Retail Competition and Open Access (RCOA) regime through provision of transparent and reasonable rules and procedures for all sectors of the electric power industry; (b) to foster competition in the power generation and supply businesses, while empowering electricity end-users; (c) To clearly define the respective responsibilities of each person or entity in so far as implementation of RCOA is concerned; (d) To ensure that RCOA shall not result to diminution of service which includes transparency in electricity fees and charges; and (e) To ensure protection of electricity end-users particularly those who have no power to choose their electricity suppliers.
Energy institutional structures: 
[...] the following energy agencies and stakeholders shall have the following responsibilities in so far as the RCOA implementation is concerned: (a) The ERC. [...] (b) PEMC. [...] (c) National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP). [...] (d) National Electrification Administration (NEA). [...] (e) Distribution Utilities (DUS). [...]