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Plan/Strategy, Government Report, Other
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Energy, Power
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The Ministry of Energy and Water and Asian Development Bank (ADB)
Overall Summary: 
The Renewable Energy Roadmap for Afghanistan RER2032 is developed to realize the vision and intent of the Renewable Energy Policy (RENP) for Afghanistan that sets a target of deploying 4500 – 5000 MW of renewable energy (RE) capacity by 2032 and envisions a transition from donor grant-funded RE projects to a fully-private sector led industry by 2032. RER2032 Provides technology specific achievable targets based on RE potential, prioritization of technologies and projects, costs for achieving the RE generation targets, appropriate business models for implementation, enablers for market development, institutional arrangement and capacity building requirements.
Renewable Energy
RE targets: 
[...] the target for 2032 is to achieve around 5,000 MW of RE capacity to be realised as the RE market traverses three stages- Seeding, Creation and Transformation.
RE action plans: 
High priority, strategically important and trendsetting projects: Project Title: 1. Solar power park. Brief description: De-risking deployment of utility-scale wind and solar projects by Identifying suitable sites, providing infrastructure for evacuation and security, and streamlining regulatory clearance. SPPs may be set up by DABS as the SPPD, and eventually owned by private sector partners. Project Title: 2. Mini-grids with RESCO model. Brief description: A cluster of mini-grid projects to be developed and bid out either individually or collectively following the RESCO business model. 4. Solar hot water systems for institutions. Brief description: As an effective demand-side-management strategy to reduce electricity generation requirements, while offering potential for economic development through local manufacture, SHWS to be promoted in a programmatic mode. Project Title: 5. Kabul roof-top solar. Brief description: Following the maturity and proven viability of this market globally, Kabul roof-top solar pilot project will seed this market for Afghanistan. Project Title: 6. RE atlas. Brief description: A national-level initiative that could build upon the RE database and provide both a national strategic overview of RE deployment and link to project-level monitoring; thus, providing insights on new development opportunities and overall RE roadmap progress. Project Title: 7. Pilot scale Geothermal. Brief description: In line with the 55 MW Roadmap target, and recognizing the need for impetus in this sector, geothermal resource assessment linked where viable to pilot geothermal projects (either direct heat or electricity) to catalyze activity. Project Title: 8. Pilot scale REEEP project. Brief description: Although not directly identified in Roadmap, this pilot scale project to integrate RE with energy efficiency measures in the commercial and industrial sector shall improve the viability and acceptance of RETs. Project Title: 9. Daikundi Mini-grid. Brief description: Mini-grids being strategically important for Afghanistan, this project will help in standardizing mini-grid designs and business models. Project Title: 10. Hisar-e-Shahi industrial park solar project. Brief description: Strategically important project for industrial development that forms the backbone of Afghan economy.