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Renewable, Other
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CPC Central Committee and the State Council
Overall Summary: 
The Guidance on Promoting Green Belt and Road stresses that projects should promote green and low-carbon infrastructure and ecological conservation, protect biodiversity, and take climate change impacts into account.
EE priorities: 
We will also intensify [...], mobilize the upper and lower stream of the supply chain to adopt energy efficient and environmental friendly measures, and lower the impact on environment with market means.
Renewable Energy
RE priorities: 
3. We will boost green infrastructure and prioritize environment quality. We will formulate environmental protection standards and codes for infrastructure construction, increase environment protection service and support for major infrastructure construction projects along the route, popularize energy conservation and environmental protection standards and practice in such sectors as green transport, green building and clean energy, advance environmental protection in areas like water, atmosphere, soil and bio-diversity, promote environmental infrastructure construction and improve green and low-carbon construction and operation.
Cooperation in RE: 
1. We will expand outbound assistance and support efforts and facilitate the implementation of green projects. By focusing on such key areas as environment protection, pollution prevention and control, environmental protection technologies and industries, and personnel training and exchanges, we will prioritize infrastructure and capability building projects for energy conservation, emission reduction and eco-environment protection, establish center for environment protection cooperation abroad, play the role of South-South Cooperation Assistance Fund, and support NGOs to carry out various environment protection projects to serve the ‘Belt and Road’ Initiative.
Energy environmental priorities: 
We will encourage the enterprises to prioritize low-carbon, energy-saving, environment-friendly and green materials and technical processes [...]