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Agreement, Other
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Multi-Sector, Other
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Council of the European Union and the Republic of Iran
Overall Summary: 
The MoU between the European Union and Iran on Cooperation on Climate Change, hereafter referred to as the 'sides' agree to work jointly to address the challenges of climate change.
Cooperation in env.: 
In this context, the two sides intend to: • Establish technical cooperation on the implementation of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change and contributions towards its long-term goal, through mobilization of required resources at the international level, with an emphasis on building climate resilience and adaptation as well as mitigation. This includes capacity building as well as cooperation on the preparation of mid-century strategies, technology development and transfer and climate finance; • Enhance collaboration with all stakeholders and actors to mobilise resources in the context of the UN Global Climate Action Agenda in order to seize the opportunities that ambitious climate action offers to foster innovation and investments in the green economy, create jobs, improve the quality of life for all citizens and ensure a sustainable future; • Support the promotion of the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy initiative, while at the same time encouraging synergies with other initiatives for green cities and sustainable urban development such as the City Prosperity Initiative for Metropolitan Cities (CPI-MC) under UN-Habitat; • Support the integration of climate change objectives into all policy areas, enhance cross-sector and inter-Ministerial cooperation including support for capacity building; • Assess options for future projects on climate action and contribute to their operationalization through mobilization of required resources at the international level, including in areas such as twinning schemes and explore possible synergies with existing projects; and • Foster synergies with relevant regional processes such those in the Southern and Eastern European Neighbourhood and Central Asia region. This process will also be closely linked to the processes of cooperation on energy initiated under the High Level Energy Dialogue on non-nuclear energy and of technical cooperation on the environment, in order to maximize synergies between policy areas.