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Power, Multi-Sector
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Power, Renewable, Solar, Other
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Chief Executive
Overall Summary: 
The Chief Executive’s 2018 Policy Address: Striving Ahead Rekindling Hope addresses the challenges currently facing the city.
EE targets: 
The Government is leading by example to enhance energy efficiency of existing government buildings. We are on track to meet our five-year target to achieve a 5% electricity saving for government buildings by 2019-20.
EE action plans: 
To achieve further saving, we are gearing up to conduct retro-commissioning progressively in suitable major government buildings to improve their energy efficiency. We will also encourage bureaux and departments to apply for green building certification for buildings under their management to demonstrate our commitment to low-carbon growth.
EE lighting and mechanical system standards: 
The Government has tasked the Working Group on External Lighting to review the effectiveness of the Charter on External Lighting and to study how to further regulate external lighting.
Renewable Energy
RE priorities: 
Promoting the development of renewable energy is an integral part of mitigating climate change. We will introduce renewable energy in a more systematic manner with the Government taking the lead. For the private sector, we have introduced Feed-in Tariff to provide incentives for individuals and non-government bodies to invest in renewable energy. We will further provide support and facilitation to the private sector, including suitably relaxing the restrictions on installation of solar photovoltaic (PV) systems on the rooftops of New Territories Exempted Houses (also known as “village houses”), and making appropriate relaxations for other private buildings, in particular the low-rise ones. In addition, we will introduce a new programme to assist schools and NGOs in installing small-scale renewable energy systems. 278. For the public sector, the Government will continue to take the lead in developing renewable energy, including launching large-scale renewable energy projects. We will explore the installation of large-scale floating PV systems at suitable locations in reservoirs and consider installing PV panels at suitable landfills.
Pollution control action plans: 
In line with the Government’s commitment to low-carbon development, we will also explore the feasibility of providing DCSs [District Cooling Systems] in other New Development Areas such as Tung Chung and Kwu Tung North.