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Rencana Induk Pembangunan Industri Nasional (RIPIN) 2015-2035 (Peraturan Pemerintah Republik Indonesia Nomor 14 Tahun 2015)
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Plan/Strategy, Rule/Regulation
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Energy, Power, Industry
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Coal, Oil, Power, Gas
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Ministry of Industry
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Overall Summary: 
The National Industry Development Master Plan (RIPIN) 2015-2035 (Government Regulation No. 14/2015) sets 10 priority industries (including power plant industry, and oil, gas and coal based chemical industry) for the 2015-2035 period and also serves as guidance for the government and industrial stakeholders in industrial planning and development for the next twenty years.
Energy Supply and Infrastructure
Energy supply priorities: 
Strategies of National Industry Development: 1. Developing the upstream and intermediate industry based on natural resources; 2. Controlling the export of raw materials and energy resources; [...]. Qualitative Target of Industrial Development: [...] 7. The strengthening of industrial structure with the growth of natural resources based upstream and intermediate industry. The phasing of Indonesia industrial development 2015-2035 as follows: 1. First phase (2015-2019): increasing the added value of the natural resources in agricultural, mineral, and oil processing based upstream industry, followed by the development of supporting and reliable industry selectively through the preparing of the skillful & competent industrial human resources and increasing the mastery of technology. Based on qualitative and quantitative criteria of priority industries, following are ten priority industry groups to be developed in 2015-2035: [...] 6. Power Plant Industry [...] 10. Oil, Gas, And Coal Based Chemical Industry.
Energy mix: 
Quantitative Targets of Industrial Development: 1. Growth of non-oil & gas industry sector (%), 2015: 6.8; 2020: 8.5; 2025: 9.1; 2035: 10.5.