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Türkmenistanyň Prezidentiniň ýurdumyzy 2019 — 2025-nji ýyllarda durmuş-ykdysady taýdan ösdürmek boýunça maksatnamasy
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Energy, Power, Multi-Sector, Other
Energy Types: 
Oil, Power, Gas
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President of Turkmenistan
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The Program of the President of Turkmenistan on Socio-economic Development of the Country for 2019-2025 was adopted "in order to further accelerate the development of the country's economy and active investment policy, transform Turkmenistan into an industrially developed state, implement reforms based on knowledge and innovation in the context of a market economy, incorporating the most socially and environmentally effective technologies that provide diversification of the economy by industry and type of property, its digitalization, as well as the creation of new jobs, the systematic implementation of measures to strengthen the economic potential of our country and its regions, further improve the social conditions of the population and improve regional investment activity". The Program identifies the sectors of electric power, oil and gas production among the main driving forces of the economy.
Energy Supply and Infrastructure
Energy supply priorities: 
Electric power, oil and gas production and processing, [...] are identified as the main industries, as driving forces of the economy.