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中华人民共和国第十四个五年规划 ——推进高质量发展
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Document Type: 
Overarching Policy, Plan/Strategy
Economic Sector: 
Energy, Power, Industry, Transport, Building, Multi-Sector, Other
Energy Types: 
All, Coal, Oil, Power, Gas, Nuclear, Renewable, Bioenergy, Hydropower, Wind, Other
Issued by: 
13th National People’s Congress
Overall Summary: 
The 14th Five-Year Plan for National Economic and Social Development of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) was approved on March 2021. The Plan highlights high-quality, green development. Building on the achievements of the 13th Plan, it aims to reduce the carbon intensity of the economy and to peak carbon dioxide emissions before 2030. The Plan emphasizes innovation as the core of modern development, relying on the dual circulation strategy as the growth paradigm coupled with reforms to increase living standards.
EE targets: 
During 2021–2025, energy and carbon intensity are targeted to decline by 13.5% for energy and 18% for carbon intensity per unit of GDP.
EE action plans: 
Incentives to develop innovative energy efficiency technologies with support from the private sector are critical to reducing energy intensity and should include penalties for industries that fail to meet the benchmark.
Renewable Energy
RE targets: 
As a nonbinding indicator, the proportion of nonfossil fuels in primary energy consumption is set at 20% from 15% in the previous plan.