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Guideline, Programme
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Power, Renewable, Solar
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Energy Commission 
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The Guidelines for Solar Photovoltaic Installation Under Net Offset Virtual Aggregations (NOVA) Programme for Peninsular Malaysia to provide for conditions, requirements, capacity of installation, energy produced and other matters relating to the NOVA Programme.
Renewable Energy
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4.1. The NOVA Programme is a programme under which a consumer can install solar PV installation for self-consumption in its own Premises. The solar PV Installation shall be designed primarily for self-consumption.
Net metering: 
4.2. In order to enhance the cost efficiency of the solar PV Installation and maximising the use of Energy produced by the solar PV Installation, any excess Energy which is not consumed at the Premise where the PV Installation is located due to operational constraints or monthly or seasonal variation in load demands at the said Premises may be exported through the Supply System [...]
National policy structure: 
1. OBJECTIVES 1.1 These Guidelines are developed by the Commission with the following objectives: (a) to prescribe the principles of the NOVA Programme; (b) to set out roles and responsibilities of the Implementing Agency, Distribution Licensee, Grid Owner and NOVA Consumers in the NOVA Programme; and (c) to regulate matters relating to the implementation and operation of the NOVA Programme.