Meta Data
Revision of previous policy?: 
Draft Year: 
Effective Start Year: 
Document Type: 
Rule/Regulation, Other
Economic Sector: 
Energy Types: 
Renewable, Bioenergy
Issued by: 
Department of Energy
Overall Summary: 
The Department of Energy, in consultation with National Biofuels Board, appropriate government agencies, and other stakeholders, hereby issues, adopts and promulgates implementing rules and regulations for the Republic Act No. 9367.
Energy management principles: 
The DOF shall monitor, in coordination with other concerned government agencies, the production and importation of biofuels through the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) and the Bureau of Customs (BOC).
National policy structure: 
[...] the PCA (Philippine Coconut Authority) shall develop, implement policies within the coconut industry in support of the National Biofuels Program.---The promotion and utilization of biofuels for household and community equipment for lighting, cooking, farming, post-harvest processing, off-road operations, and other analogous uses shall be included as part of the National Biofuels Program in accordance with the government policy under the Act.
Energy institutional structures: 
[...] a Congressional Oversight Committee, called the Biofuel Oversight Committee, is hereby constituted with fourteen (14) members, with the Chairpersons of the Committees on Energy of both Houses of Congress as co-chairpersons.---Within one (1) month from the effectivity of this IRR, the NBB (National Biofuels Board) shall designate an interim technical secretariat to be known as the NBB-Project Management Office (NBB-PMO).