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Energy, Power
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Power, Renewable
Government of Malaysia
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After a preliminary Part, the Rules deal with planning, connection to electricity distribution network, responsibilities and costs, commencement of operation, operation of renewable energy installation, metering and payment.
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Energy management principles: 
Connection confirmation check. 3. (1) An eligible producer who proposes to construct- (a) a PV installation having a rated kWp exceeding 72kWp up to and including 180kWp; or (b) a non-PV installation having a net export capacity exceeding 72kWp up to and including 180kW, and connect the installation to a connection point shall, before making an application to the Authority for a feed-in approval under the Renewable Energy (Feed-In Approval and Feed-In Tariff Rate) Rules 2011 [P.U. (A) 385/2011], submit a written request to the distribution licensee whose electricity distribution network is proposed to be connected to the installation for such distribution licensee to carry out a connection confirmation check in respect of the proposed connection.