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Energy, Power
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Power, Renewable
Government of Malaysia
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The Renewable Energy (Renewable Energy Power Purchase Agreement) Rules 2011 address the Renewable Energy Purchase Agreements Rules, the period to enter a PPA, their form etc.
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Energy management principles: 
Distribution licensee is to enter into renewable energy power purchase agreement. 3. Upon receipt of the written notice under subrule 12(1) of the Renewable Energy (Feed-In Approval and Feed-In Tariff Rate) Rules 2011 [P.U. (A) 385/2011] that an application for a feed-in approval has been approved, the distribution licensee shall, subject to subsection 12(2) of the Act, enter into a renewable energy power purchase agreement with the feed-in approval holder- (a) according to the types of the renewable energy power purchase agreement as specified in subrule 5(1); (b) which contains the substance as specified in subrule 5(2) and , if applicable, subrule 5(3); and (c) in the form as specified in subrule 5(4).