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Government of Malaysia
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Regulations addressing the following provisions: Recovery of electricity charges, Bills, Deposit, Restoration of Supply, Notice of disconnection, cessation or interruption of supply, Entry during continuance of supply, Entry on discontinuance of supply, Entry for replacing, repairing, or altering lines or plant, Provisions as to powers of entry, Metering of supplies, Testing of meters, Licensee's installation.
Energy taxation: 
[T]he licensee shall bill the consumer based upon the consumer’s consumption record and history for the previous three months consecutively and make the necessary adjustment to the consumer’s account when the actual meter reading is obtained[...].---[T]he licensee may levy a surcharge of one per cent per month[...].---In the event that the supply of meters at any time is not equal to the demand, the licensee may make a fixed monthly charge for the supply of energy.
Energy pricing: 
The licensee shall give supply of electricity to the consumer at the prevailing tariff rates or any modifications thereof from time to time at the date of application [...].