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Government of Malaysia
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The Gas Supply (Compounding Of Offences) Regulations 2006 address compounding of offences.
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Energy management principles: 
2. Compounding of offences An offer to compound shall be made by the Chairman of the Energy Commission in Form 1 of the Schedule. A person who accepts an offer to compound shall furnish payment for the compound by using Form 2 of the Schedule. 3. Payment of compound If an offer to compound an offence is made and accepted by the person to whom the offer is made, he shall make payment by money order, postal order, cashier’s order, banker’s cheque or bank draft to the Chairman of the Energy Commission and crossed with the words “Account Payee Only”. The payment shall be delivered personally or send by registered post to the address specified in the notice of offer to compound. A receipt shall be issued for every payment received under subregulation (1) to the person to whom the offer to compound is made.