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Energy, Building
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Renewable, Other
Department of Standards Malaysia
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This Malaysian Standard 2017 provides for direction for the effective use of energy, including the renewable energy in new and existing non-residential buildings.
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Energy management principles: 
5.1.1 The efficiencies of appliances are based on their star ratings. Available stars are between a minimum of one (1-star, the least efficient) and a maximum of five (5-star, the most efficient). 5.1.2 The percentage of savings that can be achieved by the higher rated appliances when compared with the lower rated appliances varies for the different appliances. 5.1.3 The minimum energy performance standards (MEPS) refer to the minimum performance level for the appliance to be available in the local market. This is usually set at the 2-star category level. 5.1.4 For more energy savings, appliances with higher level star ratings should be selected. 5.1.5 Notwithstanding the requirements of 5.1.3 above, the appliances should be selected both for their energy efficiency as well as to minimise cost of ownership as far as possible. Cost of ownership includes the capital cost and the cost of energy over the equipment life time. 5.1.6 The appliance should be upgraded if more efficient models are available and if the resultant energy savings can pay back the additional cost in a relatively short period. 5.1.7 Over sizing of equipment should be avoided. The right size for the use/situation should be selected. 5.1.8 Supply system voltage has significant impact on losses. Hence, the design/optimum voltage of the equipment installed should be as close as possible to the supply voltage. 5.1.9 Appliances should be switched off or unplugged when not in use. Televisions, computers, microwaves, etc have a ‘standby’ mode and can use energy even when not in use.
National policy structure: 
1 Scope This code of practice gives guidance on the design, selection of materials and electrical appliances and efficient use of energy including the application of renewable energy in new and existing residential buildings. --- 5 Electrical appliances This clause applies to the selection and use of electrical appliances for residential buildings. The appliances considered in this standard are: a) lighting; b) air conditioners; c) fans; d) refrigerators; e) televisions; and f) qualitative coverage on water heaters, washing machines, electric irons, microwaves, ovens/stoves.