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Energy Commission
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The Gas Supply Regulations were issued in 1997 by the Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia. These Regulations provide for rules on License, Gas Installation and Operation, Certificate of Competency and Registration and Maintenance.
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Energy management principles: 
4. Categories of licence. The licence granted under section 11 of the Act shall be categorized as follows: (a) a gas utility licence; or (b) a private gas licence. 5. Application for gas utility licence. (1) A person applying for a gas utility licence shall submit the application to Director General together with details mentioned in subsection 11(3) of the Act. (2) The application under subregulation (1) shall be in the manner as may be determined by the Director General. 6. Fee for gas utility licence. The person issued with a gas utility licence shall pay an initial fee at the rate as may be determined by the Director General and shall subsequently pay the fee at the rate as prescribed in Part I of the Third Schedule.