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Power, Renewable
Energy Commission
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The Guidelines for Single Buyer Market (Peninsular Malaysia) set out the roles, functions of the Single Buyer and the detailed procedures and conducts in performing each function. It also sets out the ring-fencing requirements to ensure that the Single Buyer performs its functions and duties in a fair and non- discriminatory manner in managing the contracts or agreements for the purchase of electricity on behalf of the off-taker.
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Energy institutional structures: 
Malaysia adopts a Single Buyer Market model in managing its electricity supply industry. An entity called Single Buyer is entrusted to manage procurement of electricity and related services in Peninsular Malaysia. --- The Single Buyer Market Rules govern the operation of the Single Buyer Market and conduct of Participants in complying with the Single Buyer Market Rules. The Single Buyer Market Rules shall apply in Peninsular Malaysia and shall be governed by the laws of Malaysia.