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Генеральная схема развития нефтяной отрасли Российской Федерации на период до 2020 года
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Decree, Plan/Strategy
Economic Sector: 
Energy, Power
Energy Types: 
Oil, Power, Other
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Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation
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Overall Summary: 
Present document sets out priorities for the development of oil industry in the Russian Federation renewing focus on environmental sustainability of the national energy sector. In the context of new challenges and energy market uncertainties, the policy concentrates on factors restraining the development of Russian oil industry. An excessive emphasis is placed on infrastructure development needs. The Scheme was adopted pursuant to the Order of the Energy Ministry of the Russian Federation N 212 dated 6 June 2011.
Energy Service Companies (ESCOs): 
Under art. 3.6, priorities for the development of oil industry include the establishment of independent energy service and engineering companies.
Energy environmental priorities: 
Art. 3.3. Focusing on the sustainable pathways for the development of conventional sources of energy in the Russian Federation, the policy seeks to enhance efficiency of exploration activities, addressing the crucial need for restoration of mineral sites.
Energy Supply and Infrastructure
Infrastructure development priorities: 
Projections premised on a set of global energy market conditions show that oil production growth in the Russian Federation is expected to weaken within the span of forecasting period. Oil industry objectives and infrastructure development needs – feeding into each other - constitute a priority for the national energy sector. Insufficient oil transportation infrastructure poses a considerable danger, restrains the development of new oil exploration fields as some of the projects do not prove being economically feasible due to the high cost of oil transportation via existing routes. --- In accordance with the Art. 3.1, possibilities for oil production are estimated as 82.5 percent (oil fields). Despite this fact, technological barriers, lack of capacities and existing infrastructure gaps hinder the development (exploration) of remaining recoverable oil resources in the Russian Federation.
Energy trade priorities: 
It is stressed that oil export will continue being the backbone of Russian economic system. The document thereby explores the conditions to increase the share Russian oil in global exports, it also stresses the importance of greater reliance on domestic market.
Investment climate development: 
Issues related to financing are addressed specifically. Investment project evaluation and analysis shall be carried out by oil exploration companies, this applies in particular to high risk projects.
Public Private Partnerships: 
Art. 3.3. The document encourages public-private dialogue and partnerships on geological prospecting works. Mechanisms need to be designed to provide a reasonable tax regime.
National policy structure: 
Art.1. Priority is given to the multiple and interconnected issues addressed in the Energy Strategy of the Russian Federation until 2030 (adopted pursuant to the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation № 1715-r dated 13 November 2013). The Scheme sets out the principles to achieve compliance with the Concept of Long-term Economic and Social Development (adopted in accordance with the Government Decree № 1662-r dated 17 November 2008). ----------- Supporting coordination and harmonization of frameworks on the exploration of natural resources, the scheme reaffirms the objectives, principles and provisions of the Long-term State Programme on Subsoil Exploration and Restoration of Mineral Resources (2008).
Advanced fuel extraction technology: 
The policy considers in details the technologies involved in the complex and integrated system of oil production. The focus is made on the introduction of enhanced recovery techniques and modernization of petroleum refinery industry (art. 7).