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Programme, Government Report
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Energy, Power, Transport, Building, Multi-Sector, Other
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Power, Renewable, Hydropower, Solar
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Government of Malaysia
Overall Summary: 
The Government Transformation Programme has two objectives – first, to transform the Government to be more effective in its delivery of services and accountable for outcomes that matter most to the rakyat; and second, to move Malaysia forward to become an advanced, united, and just society with high standards of living for all. This is in line with the national mission of achieving Vision 2020 - for Malaysia to become a fully developed nation. In order to achieve these goals, the Government is simultaneously implementing the Economic Transformation Programme, which will create the enabling environment, along with the resources necessary for the GTP to distribute in the different key areas. As for energy, the GTP is targeting the improvement of rural basic infrastructure, including ensuring 24-hour access to electricity.
Energy access action plan: 
Rural electrification programme: Schools in rural areas will be connected to the main grid to reduce their dependence on diesel generators thereby lessening their fuel cost and ensuring that there is a more stable supply of electricity. Hybrid systems will also be used to deliver electricity to rural households.
Energy access targets: 
Ensuring 24-hour Access to Electricity.---By 2012, the RBI NKRA will ensure that an additional 93,712 houses have been connected to the grid and now have 24-hour power access.
Renewable Energy
RE action plans: 
[...] after conducting cost and benefit analysis, technologies such as solar hybrid power generation or micro hydro-electricity will be introduced.