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Power, Renewable
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Energy Regulatory Commission
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The Philippine Distribution Code establishes the basic rules and procedures that govern the operation, maintenance, development, connection, and use of the electric distribution systems in the Philippines. Compliance with the provisions of this Distribution Code is mandatory for all participants in distribution system operations. These include the Distributors and the Users of the distribution system including embedded generators, other distributors connected to the distribution system, and large customers. The Distribution Code defines the technical aspects of the working relationship between the distributors and all the users of the distribution system. Electric distributors must deliver electric energy to the electricity users at acceptable levels of service quality. On the other hand, the users of the distribution systems must comply with certain rules and standards to avoid adverse effect on the distribution system. The reliability of the distribution system depends on the performance of the various components of the distribution network. Thus, major components such as power substations, primary lines, distribution transformers, secondary lines and service lines, must perform satisfactorily. Combined with the Philippine Grid Code, the Distribution Code will ensure that the total electric energy supply system of the Philippines operates efficiently to provide reliable and economic service to all distribution customers.The Distribution Code is organized into eight (8) Chapters. These are: Chapter 1. Distribution Code General Conditions. Chapter 2. Distribution Management. Chapter 3. Distribution Connection Requirements. Chapter 4. Distribution Planning. Chapter 5. Distribution Operations. Chapter 6. Distribution Revenue Metering Requirements. Chapter 7. Distribution Code Transitory Provisions. Chapter 8. Performance Standards for Distributors & Suppliers.
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2.1 Purpose. (a) To facilitate the monitoring of compliance with the Philippine Distribution Code at the planning, operations and maintenance level; (b) To ensure that all Users of the Distribution System are represented in reviewing and making recommendations pertaining to connection, operation, maintenance, and development of the Distribution System; and (c) To specify the processes for the enforcement, interpretation and review of the Philippine Distribution Code.