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Power, Renewable
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Department of Energy
Overall Summary: 
The Wholesale Electricity Spot Market (WESM) Rules establishes the basic rules, requirements and procedures that govern the operation of the Philippine electricity market. The WESM Rules identifies and recognizes and sets the responsibilities of the Market Operator, System Operator, WESM Participants, and the PEM Board. These groups shall comply with and are bound by all the provisions of the WESM Rules. The WESM Rules are intended to be complimentary with the Grid Code and Distribution Code, all of which are meant to ensure the development of an appropriate, equitable and transparent electricity market, along with a safe, reliable, and efficient operation of the power system.
Renewable Energy
RE priorities: 
The WESM Rules are promulgated to implement the provisions of the Act, its Implementing Rules and Regulations and other related laws as well as to: [...] (i) Encourage the use of environment-friendly renewable sources of energy in accordance with the Act.
Energy pricing: 
For each trading interval, the Market Operator shall calculate, and publish in accordance with the timetable: (a) Ex-ante nodal energy prices in accordance with clause 3.10.2; (b) Ex-ante zonal energy prices in accordance with clause 3.10.3; (c) Ex-post nodal energy prices in accordance with clause 3.10.6; (d) Ex-post zonal energy prices in accordance with clause 3.10.8; and (e) When applicable, zonal reserve prices in accordance with clause 3.10.10.
Energy institutional structures: 
The WESM is the market where trading of electricity will be made. It shall be governed by the Philippine Electricity Market Board (PEM Board). The PEM Board shall provide the policies and guidelines of the WESM contained in the Implementing Rules and Regulations of the Act, WESM Rules, and such other relevant laws, rules and regulations. The Market Operator, a non-stock, non-profit organization, shall administer the operation of the WESM in accordance with the WESM Rules. For the first year, the Market Operator’s functions shall be provided by the Autonomous Group Market Operator (AGMO) under the administrative supervision of the National Transmission Corporation (TRANSCO). After the first year, the Market Operator shall be an independent entity.