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Energy, Power, Industry, Transport
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Power, Renewable
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Ministry of Science and Technology of the People's Republic of China
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Overall Summary: 
The policy aims to improve the competitiveness of the electric vehicles industry, to protect the energy security and to develop the green and low-carbon economy. The policy outlines the plans for the electric vehicle industry development till 2020, and divides the whole process into 3 phases, lists out the technology development and commercialization routes.
EE targets: 
[...] By 2010, the number of demonstration cities for electric vehicles will increase from 13 to 25, focusing on pure electric drive vehicles, around 8000 energy-saving and new energy vehicles will be into operation in all 25 demonstration cities. [...]
Energy Supply and Infrastructure
Infrastructure development priorities: 
By 2015,build network power supply system which includes 400 thousands charging piles and more than 2000 charging stations in 20 demonstration cities and the surrounding areas, to meet the large-scale commercialization of electric vehicles demonstrate energy supply needs.
Clean energy technology deployment: 
Carry out research on planning and design of electric vehicle infrastructure construction, and research and development of charging and replacement infrastructure design, construction, operation specifications, improvement of the overall design level, security capabilities. Study the overall development of electric vehicle infrastructure network planning and promotion plan[...] and to provide technical support. ---Carry out electric vehicle energy supply system technology research[...]
R&D energy efficiency: 
[...] carry out the development and demonstration project of fuel-battery-powered battery-electric hybrid buses. ---Realize the technological breakthrough of industrialization of hybrid. Carry out energy-based lithium-ion battery as the focus, the battery module as the core of the full range of power battery technology innovation, to achieve China's vehicle power battery large-scale industrialization of technological breakthroughs. [...]
Industrialization support: 
During the 2015-2020, continue to promote the industrialization of pure electric drive electric vehicles, especially the small electric vehicles, and began to start the next process for a new generation of pure electric drive vehicle industry [...].