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Energy, Industry, Transport
Energy Types: 
Oil, Gas, Renewable
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National Development and Reform Commission P.R.C.
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Overall Summary: 
This plan provides a clear guideline for the oil development during the 13th Five-Year Plan period (2016-2020). The policy clarifies the main tasks and specific development targets for the oil development including the oil resource exploration, the infrastructure construction, in particular the crude oil pipelines and refined oil transmission lines, and other priorities such as the replacement of oil and oil utilization and conservation.
EE priorities: 
Adhere to the economical oil utilisation: promote the energy efficiency of the oil industry, optimize infrastructure building projects[...], select energy efficient equipment, and effectively strengthen the energy efficiency management[...]
EE action plans: 
Continue to carry out energy conservation in key areas such as the industries, transportation etc., promote the energy conservation for the end product in the oil industry[...]Speed up the development of rail transportation and water transport and other resource-saving and energy-saving and environmentally friendly mode of transport. ---[...]actively support the development of natural gas vehicles, accelerate the application of renewable energy vehicles and electric vehicles.[...]
EE standards for appliances: 
[...]promote the energy conservation for the end product in the oil industry[...] implement more stringent fuel standards
Renewable Energy
RE action plans: 
[...]actively support the development of natural gas vehicles, accelerate the application of renewable energy vehicles ---Promote the development and utilization of biomass energy. Reasonably expand the product and consumption of bio-ethanol gasoline, develop bio-diesel, bio-aviation coal and other advanced bio-fuels to increase the proportion of renewable fuels.
Energy environmental priorities: 
Improve energy conservation and environmental management system, and strengthen energy conservation and environmental protection supervision and management
Energy Supply and Infrastructure
Energy supply priorities: 
By 2020, the domestic oil production will be more than 200 million tons, a safe oil supply system should be built, in order to ensure a domestic consumption of 590 million tons of oil in 2020. ---Achieve the stability of domestic oil production. ---[...]By the year of 2020, the oil production in the east (central) region of China will be more than 83 million tons. Consolidate the development of the oil base in Ordos, Tarim and Junggar Basin and other western oil producing bases, to stably increase the production and stability, by 2020, the oil production in the western region will be more than 70 million. Speed up the development of marine oil and gas, and the production of marine oil and gas will be more than 47 million tons by 2020.
Infrastructure development priorities: 
During the “13th Five-Year Plan” period, build about 5000 km crude oil pipeline, a new increased oil transmission capacity will be 120 million tons per year; newly built refined oil pipeline 12000 km, the new oil transmission capacity will be 90 million tons per year. By 2020, the cumulative completion of crude oil pipeline will be 32,000 km, oil transmission capacity will be about 650 million tons per year; refined oil pipeline 33,000 km, oil transmission capacity 300 million tons per year. ---Promote the construction of crude oil pipeline: lengthen the import routes of crude via the land; optimize and enhance the offshore crude oil transfer capacity; promote the construction of other crude oil pipelines; implement pipeline hazards management and transformation[...] ---Speed up the construction of refined oil pipeline: strengthen the efficient convergence of pipeline transport and roads, railways, water transport and other modes of transport, improve oil turnover efficiency. ---Speed up the national oil reserve capacity building: speed up the construction of national oil reserve base; steadily implement reserve planning; improve the oil reserve system.
Cooperation in connectivity: 
Enhance the infrastructure cooperation and connectivity with countries along the “Belt and Road”, pay attention to the the security and protection of transnational pipelines, improve the cooperation mechanism with cross-border countries, ensure the stable supply capacity of transnational pipelines.
Energy sector investment priorities: 
Increase the financial supports for the basic geological survey investment[...] ---improve the investment for pipelines and other infrastructure construction, enhance the connectivity of pipelines network.
National policy structure: 
Speed up the construction of laws, regulations legislation system[...]. ---study and make the "oil and gas planning management measures"[...]
Coordination with regional energy associations: 
actively participate in the global energy management, promote the crude oil futures trading market, deepen the bilateral and multilateral cooperation in the field of energy, strengthen the cooperation with International Energy Agency (IEA), Energy Chapter and other international energy organisations.[...]
M&E of policy implementation: 
Adhere to the medium-term evaluation system, strictly evaluate the implementation of the policy[...]