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Overarching Policy, Other
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Energy, Multi-Sector
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Government of the Macau Special Administrative Region
Overall Summary: 
The Policy Address for the Fiscal Year 2008, delivered by the Chief Executive, Edmund Hau Wah Ho 13 November 2007, sets forth the Policy Agenda and Targets for Macao in 2008.
EE public awareness/promotional programmes: 
[W]e will do our best to raise local residents’ awareness of energy and water conservation, doing our part to ensure sustainable development of our country and Macao.
Energy Supply and Infrastructure
Energy supply priorities: 
Energy and water resources are not only focused on internationally, but are also real topics we must actively handle. Being a special administrative region, we are well looked after by the motherland and are guaranteed supplies of energy and fresh water. However, [...] Macao lacks natural resources. There is a conflict between the need for sustainable growth and limited supply of resources. [...] The MSAR Government will fully support our country’s strategies to resolve the problems.[...]
Investment climate development: 
We will continue to improve the environment for investments, facilitate a diversified economy, accelerate optimisation of the economic structure, assist small and medium-sized enterprises, and protect the rights and interests of employees.