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Overarching Policy, Other
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Energy, Power, Multi-Sector
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Power, Other
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Government of the Macau Special Administrative Region
Overall Summary: 
The major policies for the Policy Address of 2014 are focused on enhancing underlying strength and sustainable development. This will be achieved through the following aspects: (1) Accelerate development of long-term mechanisms and press ahead with livelihood projects; Enhance resource investment and administrative systems; (2) Implement diverse measures to pursue social wellbeing. The second major area is focused on realising Macao's social development blueprint and continuing the promotion of optimum diversification of the economy. In this regard, efforts will be on: (1) Support the development of all industries and develop a diversified economy; (2) Enhance regional cooperation and complement regional strengths; (3) Build a liveable city and optimise our living environment. Finally, the Government will promote efficiency of public administration and improve quality of public services. In the energy sector, the Government is supporting financial incentives for energy efficiency, as well as consumer subsidies.
Consumer subsidies: 
The Government will [...] offer an electricity fee subsidy of 200 patacas per month to each residential household.
EE financial incentives: 
We will continue to implement the Financial Subsidy for Purchasing Environmentally Friendly and Energy-saving Products and Equipment Scheme, and raise the maximum financial subsidy amount from 500,000 patacas to one million patacas, to support and encourage companies, organisations and schools to purchase environmentally responsible products. The scheme especially assists SMEs to lower operational costs and urges the entire economy to save resources.