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国家能源局:关于建立健全清洁能源消纳长效机制的指导意见 (征求意见稿)
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Energy, Power
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Power, Renewable
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National Energy Administration
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The Draft Guiding Opinions on Establishing and Improving the Long-Term Mechanism of Clean Energy Consumption provides guidelines to establish and improve a long-term mechanism for clean energy consumption, and promote the high-quality development of clean energy such as wind power, photovoltaic power generation, hydropower, and nuclear power.
Renewable Energy
RE priorities: 
(7) Implement a guarantee mechanism for the consumption of renewable energy power. Provincial-level energy authorities and the National Energy Administration dispatched regulatory agencies, power trading agencies, power sales companies, power users, and power grid companies must follow the "Notice on Establishing and Improving Renewable Energy Power Consumption Guarantee Mechanism" (Development and Reform of Energy) 2019﹞807) relevant requirements, take the responsibility for the implementation of the weight of consumption, promote the construction of the green certificate market, and do a good job in the connection of the power consumption guarantee mechanism, the green certificate system, and the power spot market mechanism.
Clean energy technology priorities: 
1. Establish a clean energy development mechanism centered on consumption: (1) Scientifically determine clean energy efficiency targets. (2) Strengthen the analysis of clean energy consumption capacity. (3) Promote the coordinated development of source, network and load as a whole. (4) Improve the auxiliary service mechanism. (5) Improve the medium- and long-term electricity trading market. (6) Accelerate the promotion of the power spot market. (7) Implement a guarantee mechanism for the consumption of renewable energy power. (8) Multi-dimensional enhancement of power system flexibility. (9) Promote the innovation and transformation of new energy power generation methods. (10) Explore the establishment of a joint optimized configuration mechanism for cross-province and cross-regional power delivery. (11) Explore the establishment of a clean energy consumption model. (12) Explore the establishment of an innovative investment mechanism for clean energy transmission lines. (13) Strengthen the monitoring and early warning of the whole process of clean energy consumption. (14) Establish a clean energy information support system. (15) Improve the statistical system of clean energy consumption and utilization indicators. (16) Organize and carry out key supervision on clean energy consumption.