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Водный кодекс Российской Федерации (в ред. от 30.12.2021 г.)
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Renewable, Hydropower
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Adopted by the State Duma - Lower House of the Federal Assembly, endorsed by the Federal Council - Upper House of the Federal Assembly
Overall Summary: 
The present Code sets up legal and institutional framework for water resources in the Russian Federation. While elucidating the interlinkages between energy and water, the Code specifically addresses issues in the energy-water nexus. In a broader sense, the policy fosters an enabling environment for economic and social progress giving due consideration to environmental priorities. As provided by art. 1, water utility system is a complex of water bodies and water works designed in a way to ensure the efficient use and protection of water resources.
Energy environmental priorities: 
Art. 24. The policy seeks to strengthen regulatory control over negative impacts associated with utilization of water facilities. It is stipulated that state supervision shall be exercised over use and protection of water objects, particularly those ones related to hydropower generation.
Energy-water nexus: 
Within the scope outlined by the introductory part, the Code focuses on a number of thematic priorities, including: protection and restoration of the environment and issues in the energy-water nexus. ----- Chapter 5 ‘Water Use’. Utilization of water resources is scoped as encompassing the following areas: supply of drinking and domestic water, electricity generation, discharge of effluents and (or) drainage water, water and air transportation, timber rafting and other purposes specified by the present Code. ----- Art. 41.3.1. Pursuant to the Federal Law №257 of 21 July 2011, restrictions may be imposed for the use of water in conservation zones of hydroenergy objects. ----- Art. 46 concentrates on the thematic area of hydropower generation and underscores the need for ensuring the sustainable use of water resources.
Energy management principles: 
Art. 11. Unless otherwise provided by section 3 of the present article, water bodies regulated by the federal government, authorities of the constituent territories of the Russian Federation and municipalities shall be granted for use for the following purposes: construction of waterworks, bridges, submerged or underground crossings, pipelines, submerged telecommunication lines, etc.
National policy structure: 
Art. 4. The water legislation sets framework regulating water resources in the Russian Federation. Property relations with respect to water bodies shall be governed by the civil legislation insofar they are not governed by the present Code. Art. 12. Agreement on the use of water resources shall be governed by lease provisions of the civil Code of the Russian Federation unless otherwise provided by the present Code or the agreement on the use of water. ----- Art. 8. Alienation of specific water objects (ponds, pits) is carried out in accordance with the civil or land legislation of the Russian Federation.