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Title in national language: 
Основы государственной политики в области экологического развития Российской Федерации на период до 2030
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Document Type: 
Overarching Policy
Economic Sector: 
Energy, Multi-Sector
Energy Types: 
All, Renewable, Other
Issued by: 
Office of the President of the Russian Federation
Overall Summary: 
While expressing a profound alarm that crucial environmental issues - climate change, loss of biodiversity and desertification - largely remain unresolved in the Russian Federation, the policy calls for efforts in response to emerging and persistent environmental issues. Providing a through look at environmental challenges the Russian Federation is confronting, the regulatory document proposes comprehensive actions to stimulate and rebalance growth ensuring the objectives of sustainable development are met. The Principles of State Environmental Policy of the Russian Federation until 2030 aim to ensure environmental security through economic modernization and technological advancement in key sectors of national economy. An imperative to a reliable regulatory framework is being given by the document determining the strategic goals, major objectives of the state environmental policy and implementation mechanisms.
EE public awareness/promotional programmes: 
Art. 20. Launch a broad advocacy campaign to improve awareness on conservation of natural resources and environmental protection.
Renewable Energy
RE priorities: 
Art. 17. Comprehensively harness the potential of renewable energy at the national level.
Energy environmental priorities: 
Art. 7 and 8 elaborate on the key objectives of policy implementation. Fully addressing the concerns of economic and social development, the document promotes and strengthens mechanisms for protection of the environment. The national environmental strategy builds on the following principles: inextricable linkages of human rights and the environment, restoration of ecosystems, conservation and the sustainable use of natural resources.
Energy sector investment priorities: 
Art. 17. Facilitate development of enabling frameworks for investment to the sustainable and efficient use of natural resources, introduction of resource-conserving technologies and mitigation of adverse impacts on the environment.
Public Private Partnerships: 
Art. 26. Financing is the key for the unveiling of Russia’s agenda on the environment. The national strategy for scaling up environmental finance prioritizes the development of public-private partnerships. Other sources of funding include the federal budget, local budgets, and extra-budgetary resources --- Art. 17. Catalyzing private investment is essential for restoration of the environment and cleaning-up of past ecological damage.
National policy structure: 
The Principles of the State Environmental Policy until 2030 are designed in accordance with assumptions of the Constitution of the Russian Federation, norms and principles of the international law, international treaties and agreements, federal laws and regional regulatory documents, long-term strategic policies, including the Concept of Long-term Social and Economic Development of the Russian Federation until 2020 approved by Government Decree of 17 November 2008 №1662-r. ----- A comprehensive plan is designed to outline actions for implementation of the state environmental policy. The plan sets measurable target indications and aims to track progress on the way to achieve the established goals.
Clean energy technology deployment: 
Art. 12. The introduction of new resource-conserving and environmentally sound technologies needs to be accelerated through establishment of a common technology platform. ----- Art. 17. The policy calls for the creation and development of the market of environmental goods and services, cleaner and more efficient technologies.