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Ministry of Land, Energy and Mineral Resources
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The Electricity Act establishes the Fiji Electricity Authority (FEA). It provides for the transfer of electrical installations to the Authority and for amendment of the legislation relating to the generation, supply and use of electricity. In particular, it addresses the creation of the FEA; transfers to the Authority of the Governments undertakings; licensed undertakings; acquisition of property; regulations and miscellaneous. Also it defines the rules for determining price of energy and the rules for determining authorised charges for use of supply lines. Finally, it entails a subsidiary legislation: Electricity Regulations.
Деятельность органов власти
Energy institutional structures: 
There is hereby established an Authority to be known as the Fiji Electricity Authority which shall be a body corporate. --- The Authority shall consist of 8 members, namely (a) a Chairman; (b) a Deputy Chairman; (c) the General Manager, ex officio; (d) 5 other members, of whom not more than 3 shall be public officers. --- It shall be the duty of the Authority [...] to promote and encourage the generation of energy with a view to the economic development of Fiji.