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Title in national language: 
Монгол Улсын эрчим хүчний тухай хууль
Revision of previous policy?: 
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Economic Sector: 
Energy, Power
Energy Types: 
All, Coal, Oil, Power, Gas, Nuclear, Renewable, Bioenergy
Issued by: 
Government of Mongolia - Ministry of Energy
Unofficial source
Overall Summary: 
The Law of Mongolia on Energy (2015 Ed.) to govern relationships concerning energy generation, transmission, distribution, dispatching and supply activities, construction of energy facilities and energy consumption that involve utilization of energy resources.
Energy taxation: 
[T]o approve service fees and charges related to energy.
Energy pricing: 
[T]o approve tariff determination methodology for fuels used for energy generation and revise the calculation.-----[T]o develop tariff determination methodology, define tariff structure; to review and approve tariffs determined by licensees, to approve the selling price and carry out indexing[...].---[I]n order to ease pressure laid on consumers in a proper level, to submit a proposal to the Government to grant subsidy from the State Budget to the licensees who may suffer loss from energy price and tariff.--- The amount and price of fuel supplied for electricity and heat generation may been regulated by a long-term and permanent agreement.
Energy sector investment priorities: 
[T]o review investment plan stipulated in Article 25 (1) (9) of this Law and resolve issues related to the reimbursement of investment by using tariff regulations.
Energy management principles: 
[T]o generate, transmit, distribute, supply electricity and heat in accordance with main network, central heating supply rules.
National policy structure: 
To draft development papers, strategical documents and standards on energy matters and approve rules on financing expenditures related to energy resources balance counting in national level.---[T]o approve and implement energy resources evaluation rules jointly with other relevant authorities. [To] develop human resource policy of energy sector.
Energy institutional structures: 
The Energy Regulatory Commission (hereinafter referred to as “the Regulatory Commission”) shall govern energy generation, transmission, distribution, dispatching and supply processes.
Statistics collection and management: 
[T]o collect statistic datas on energy consumption and generation, to count energy balance in national level [...].